We strive to facilitate the creation of a culture of innovation, experimentation, and adoption of new technologies in the public sector.

Through public innovation, state entities can remove their "bureaucratic chips" and take fresh and dynamic approaches to developing new solutions to public problems that affect citizens or business competitiveness. Experimentation is therefore needed to test solutions in an effective way and put citizens at the heart of all public decisions. But these solutions need to be co-created, and this can only happen through open innovation.

Open innovation gives startups opportunities to propose innovative solutions to governmental challenges, drawing on progressive methods such as design thinking as well as exponential or disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data, drones, and the internet of things.

In this spirit we have devised Beta Government to promote cultural change in public entities and enable governance that is agile and innovative, embraces data science and emerging technology, and contributes to transforming the traditional approaches to public policies, regulations, and services.




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