Our team provides regulatory consulting services from a multidisciplinary perspective, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Regulatory planning.
  • Assessment of regulatory problems.
  • Design of regulatory proposals.
  • Regulatory impact analysis by sector.
  • Cost–benefit analysis of regulatory proposals.
  • Regulatory quality analysis.
  • Design of administrative simplification schemes.
  • Design and implementation of compliance schemes from a risk-prevention and -management approach.
  • Drafting of infringement and sanction regimes.
  • Design of methodologies for calculating fines.
  • Design of indicators for ex post regulatory monitoring.
  • Design of public consultation strategies.
  • Organizational design and institutional reform.




SRP offers the service of diagnosis of the regulatory situation of the Public Entities, in order to identify the changes to introduce to improve their processes and organizational base and facilitate the incorporation of the system of management and assurance of the regulatory quality (SGACR). This service also involves reviewing the regulatory stock to verify if the regulatory provisions dictated comply with the standards of regulatory quality established in the current regulations.

To this end, it takes into account the recommendations of the OECD contained in the Study of Peru's Regulatory Policy, the rules on regulatory quality, and the progress of entities in the implementation of the National Policy for Modernization of Public Management.



SRP offers the remediation service consisting of the design and implementation of the regulatory improvement package, ie the components of the SGACR: policies, regulatory tools (normative development, implementation and enforcement, and ex post evaluation) and organizational structure, in order to generate good internal practices, to strengthen regulatory institutions, as well as comply with current regulations on regulatory quality.

Also, this service involves the incorporation of the SGACR in:

  • Strategic Institutional Plan: for the alignment of strategic objectives and definition of indicators according to the standards of regulatory quality.
  • ISO Quality Management System: to ensure that the processes are according to regulatory quality standards and are "audited" by an independent external body.
  • Institutional values: so that the standards of regulatory quality are internalized in the organization's organizational culture.
  • Communicational Plan: to ensure that regulatory quality policy, goals and strategies, have the sustained support of relevant collaborators and stakeholders of the Entity.
  • Plans of Open Government and Digital Government: to promote transparency, accountability, communication with stakeholders, obtaining evidence to regulate, minimizing costs and paperwork, considering the intensive use of information technologies.
  • People Development Plan: to promote the permanent training of employees in matters of better regulation.



SRP offers the ex post monitoring service in order to monitor the correct functioning of the SGACR, as well as the accompanying service for the continuous assurance of the regulatory quality in the Entity, for which it provides:

  • Workshops for reinforcement in the use of regulatory tools.
  • Independent monitoring service of the SGACR.
  • Annual reports on the measurement of performance indicators of the SGACR.


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